Sermon Series

The Marvell United Methodist Church is pleased to announce that Bishop Gary Mueller will be preaching in the Sunday morning worship service on September 29.  Worship at Marvell UMC is always spirited, and it promises to be even more meaningful with our episcopal leader providing the message.  The memorial dedication will also be an auspicious occasion that you won't want to miss.  Bishop  Mueller will be participating in the dedication of the Elaine Massacre Memorial at the Phillips County Courthouse Park at 2 p.m.  There will be a reception at the courthouse following the commitment of the memorial.  We are excited to be able to participate in this special day and hope you are making plans to attend morning worship and the dedication.

One Accord

This week we will look at the traditional account of Pentecost ins Acts 2. Looking back at the disciples before and after this monumental event gives us a clear indication that they absolutely needed the power and person of the Holy Spirit. Even after they see the risen Christ, Matthew records in chapter 28 "that some doubted." When the Spirit comes, it moves the church out of hiding and into the full view. People hear and see and experience God because to church enters the community.

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