Third Sunday of Lent

All These Words

What do all these words have to do with the kingdom of God as Jesus describes it? What do these words have to do with loving our neighbor and living in a community right here, right now? These words are simply a base level from which we build a better sense of law and order. They also offer us a greater sense of responsibility for working beside the Spirit to build the eternity that God has envisioned for humanity. In our rational minds, we know that boundaries and rules are good things. And that is why we reluctantly accept them. Like a kid who wants to play late into the night but trudges up to bed anyway, we say that the lines are good for us. These boundaries are a new way of being, a new way of living and loving. We are redefined when we make that commitment to love and to cherish. We make promises that don’t constrain us so much as set us free to love.